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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services available to those outside of Vancouver?

Yes! Our services are available to Residents of British Columbia.  A complete assessment requires one visit to our office based in Vancouver, BC.  Dr. Chan is not licensed to provide services outside of British Columbia.

How much does an assessment cost?

In British Columbia, an average private autism assessment costs between $2500 to $3700.  Please see our Q & A and Secure Web Form for more information.  

Public assessments are available at no cost through the BC Autism Assessment Network.

What is your wait-list?

Appointments in 5 - 6 weeks

How long does a private ASD assessment take?

A comprehensive ASD assessment takes place over several appointments.  Generally, this requires appointments over two days with one visit to our Vancouver office and the remaining visits conducted virtually.

Do you accept grants or extended health benefits?

Good news!  We accept grants (e.g. Variety Children's Charity).

Extended health benefits generally do not cover Dr. Chan's services as a Psychiatrist, but in some cases they may.  Please call your extended health provider to confirm if they cover services by a medical doctor.

Do you see children under 6?

Yes.  Dr. Chan can provide private ASD diagnosis for children under 6 if the child is also assessed by a Psychologist, Pediatrician and Speech and Langauge Pathologist.