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Specialized Autism Services

Does my child have Autism?

Perhaps your child's teacher or a family friend first planted the seed of autism in your mind, or perhaps you had questions about your child’s development from early on.  If you seek clarity, we can help. 


If you are a resident of British Columbia, you may be eligible for a public assessment through the BC Autism Assessment Network, referred by your General Practitioner or Pediatrician.  Referral form (  


Some parents prefer a private autism assessment:

  • Avoid a lengthy wait. 

  • Find clarity and peace of mind sooner

  • Access BC Ministry of Education autism funding and support for each child diagnosed with ASD

  • Earlier autism intervention:  Up to $22,000 annually for children under 6 and up to $6,000 annually for children 6 – 18 – Ministry of Children and Family Development ASD funding.


Parents seeking a private assessment in British Columbia may choose between Pediatricians, Psychologists and Psychiatrists with special training to administer ASD assessments.  Choosing a specialist involves weighing several factors:

  • Experience, expertise, values, reputation

  • Wait-list

  • Extended insurance eligibility, cost, convenience

  • Option for a free screening assessment. 

Child at Psychologist

What To Expect from An Assessment

*****Serving patients ages 6 - 18*****

A private autism spectrum disorder (ASD) assessment includes:

  1. One-to-one, in person assessment of your child

  2. Virtual or in-person developmental and autism-specific diagnostic history with parents

  3. Family meeting to discuss results of the assessment and confirmation of autism spectrum disorder, if applicable.

Parents of children qualifying for an ASD diagnosis will receive

  1. Completed forms and instructions to apply for and secure ASD funding

  2. Instructions on finding autism resources

Dr. Chan may recommend an optional, free*, developmental and mental health assessment for your child to enhance the diagnostic value and recommendations from an ASD assessment.


A virtual developmental and mental health assessment**:

  1. Provides high-level mental health, behavioral or neurodevelopmental recommendations supplemental to an ASD assessment

  2. Does not formally diagnose or exclude an autism spectrum disorder

* To qualify for an MSP-covered developmental and mental health assessment, your child:

  1. must have BC provincial health insurance (MSP) coverage; and

  2. must be referred by their primary care physician. ​

** Subject to availability.  ​​

*****Children 0 - 5 years most often require Speech and Language Pathology and Psychology assessments, which we currently do not offer.